17 Apr 2020

Flanders Foal Auction continues its auction

Although it is still uncertain when events will be allowed again because of the Corona virus,  Flanders Foal Auction decided to continue its auctions. “With or without public, we will auction foals”, say a determined Luk Van Puymbroeck and Gerald Lenaerts. The breeders are invited to offer their best showjumping foals from sport lineages again.

“We did not need a lot of time to discuss the issue, we soon agreed. Flanders Foal Auction will also continue at this time. We do not want an online auction where you can make bids for three days on end. There are plenty of those. We want a live auction, where, just like before, you can place bids online or by telephone. So, with an auctioneer, foals in the ring and Clipmyhorse for the livestreaming.”

In view of the current lockdown rules, the date of the first auction is not yet known. “We hope to auction again somewhere in June, provided that the rules allow for this. Of course, we would prefer to have an auction with public and atmosphere. That does give it an extra dimension, but, fortunately, we have a great client circle and have managed to sell quite a lot of foals already via online bids or by telephone.”

Flanders Foal Auction believe that it is very important that the breeders can keep selling their foals and that clients get the opportunity to claim an exclusive foal for the future. No matter how, there comes a time again when everyone is going to shows. There will always be a demand for good horses.

If indeed the Belgian rules regarding ‘essential movements’ are eased after May 3, the Flanders Foal Auction team would like to visit breeders again to see and select the registered foals. “We are looking forward to again receive many video’s of foals and a weblink to the pedigree of the dam per Whatsapp! As soon as we know more, we will plan a photograph and video day.” 


Luk Van Puymbroeck: +32478436163
Gerald Lenaerts: +32475778627