04 Jan 2018

Six embryos for sale on 13 January

The Flanders Foal Auction added six embryos to the Horse Auction Belgian collection. They are for sale on 13 January. The foals will be born this year! Look at their pedigrees, amazing isn't it?

1. Emerald N.O.P. x Presley Boy (closely related to 1.60m GP stallion Hardrock Z & Lord II Z)
2. Comme il Faut x Malito de Reves (grandam is the famous 1.60m GP mare Walnut de Muze)
3. Bamako de Muze x Clinton (closely related to 1.60m GP horse For Joy van 't Zorgvliet ridden by Kevin Staut)
4. Halifax van het Kluizebos x Horion de Libersart (closely related to 1.60m GP horses Souvenir van de Heffink, Quel Homme van de Heffinck & CP Aprilla)
5. Heartbreaker x Burggraaf (dam Pernot jumped 1.60m GP level and is half-sister to 1.55 showjumping horse)
6. Vigo d'Arsouilles x Pablo van Berkenbroek (dam jumps 1.45m level, grandam 1.50m. Closely related to 1.60m GP horse Udarco van Overis)

Click here for more info about the embryos