17 Feb 2021

Frequently asked questions about the embryo auction

What are the most important things to know about participating in an Flanders Embryo Auction? You can read it here...

What to expect when you buy an embryo on Friday evening 19 February?

  • All embryo’s are implanted in surrogate mares
  • All surrogate mares are scanned in foal 72 hours prior to the auction
  • Surrogate mares will be transported free of charge in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • After weaning the surrogate mare has to return to the breeder

When and where are the foals born?

  • Foals will be born between March and July 2021
  • Foals can be born and raised in Belgium at LVP stables or any other place of your choice

What does the insurance of the still unborn foals cover?

  • Insurance via Catherine de Buyl can be arranged the night of the auction, so no risk involved.
  • The insured value is doubled for free as from 48hrs after birth, subject to the reception of the vet certificate confirming the good health of the foal

Who will be the official breeder?

  • The buyer will be the breeder
  • All foals can be registered in any studbook