18 Nov 2020

Flanders Foal Auction: The journey of Tic Tac van Overis Z to the USA

Many (top-class) riders, dealers, breeders and horse fans have managed to find their way to Flanders Foal Auction. There are many places where you can buy a showjumping foal, but the offer of foals with exceptional pedigrees is nowhere as expansive as that of Flanders Foal Auction. Thanks to the confidence of the best breeders in Europe, we are able to compile incredible collections. 

But what happens after the sale at our auctions? We closely monitor the foals and embryos after they are sold. For the clients it is great to own their newly purchased foals, for us it is great to see the foals and embryos from the auction grow into highly talented horses with successful sport careers. 

Tic Tac van Overis Z
One of the foals sold via our auction is Tic Tac van Overis Z (Tobago x Nonstop). Tic Tac was born at Studfarm Overis, owned by Gerald Lenaerts and Sigrid Gielen. In August, Tic Tac was bought in the Flanders Foal Auction by Sky Murphy and left for San Luis Obispo in California (USA). We talked with Sky about her purchase: “Last year I decided that I wished to add a filly with interesting breeding to our stock. At the time I was interested in the stallion Emerald van 't Ruytershof. There were a few foals by this stallion to be found in the USA, but all their dams were still young and unproven. I did not manage to get a foal by Emerald, but I did read an advertisement about Flanders Foal Auction. I registered on the website and watched an auction online. The quality of the foals was clearly expressed by the auction prices.”

This year Sky wanted to acquire a foal by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve. With Tangelo as grandsire, it was no surprise that Sky immediately fell in love with the Tobago Z product Tic Tac van Overis Z. “Our whole family was watching the foal auction online. It was surreal to see her up her on the screen and hear in real time that I won”, says the enthusiastic new owner. 

Safe and fast transport with European Horse Services
This was the first purchase made by Sky Murphy in Flanders Foal Auction: “After the auction, everything went extremely smoothly. I received regular updates from the breeder of Tic Tac van Overis Z.”

Sky used European Horse Services. Since 1992, European Horse Services has been vouching for safe and efficient transportation of horses. With bookings to all continents and a team of specialists at disposal, they offer customers the best possible service. “This was the first time for me to import a horse into the USA. The knowhow and professionality of European Horse Services made that this first time was a very positive experience. I received regular photographs and messages during the journey indicating that everything went according to plan. I was extremely surprised about how fast the journey went and how soon I received her here at home”, Sky explains. 

Plans for the future 
Sky Murphy is absolutely delighted with her purchase. “Tic Tac is the prettiest and funniest foal on our ranch. She is growing really well and is super to handle. She is also very sweet to my kids. They often play with her. When Tic Tac becomes a 3-yr-old, she will be saddle-broken by Colts Unlimited in Wyoming. Normally, we start to jump them when they are 4-yr-olds and take them to competitions when they are 5-yr-olds. It will be up to Tic Tac to decide how high she wants to jump. But if she continues to develop so well, there will be plenty of Grands Prix in Los Angeles to visit” says a smiling Sky.