05 Jun 2018

Bid online during the Flanders Foal Auctions

Flanders Foal Auction is innovating. In order to meet the foreign market requirements, an online bidding system is being introduced for the Flanders Foal Auction in Bonheiden on Saturday 23 June. Luk Van Puymbroeck and Gerald Lenaerts have co-operated with the Rotterdam company WeAuction BV.

Online bidding from the computer or phone is not new to equestrian auctions, but deserved an upgrade due to delays between an online bid and the actual auction. The bids via the online channel of WeAuction arrive instantly at the auctioneer, so the bidder online is just as fast as a live bidder at the auction.

Flanders Foal Auction auctions foals and embryos worldwide via three foal auctions (Bolesworth, Bonheiden and Opglabbeek) and two embryo auctions (Sharjah and Ocala). "Many foreign customers offer by phone, but can now buy through their computer. We expect new and existing customers to use it, and we have great confidence in the expertise of WeAuction ", Gerald Lenaerts and Luk Van Puymbroeck say on behalf of Flanders Foal Auction.

WeAuction BV has earned its spurs in the real estate world. The online bidding system has been further developed for use in the horse auctions. The auctioneer can thus be followed online via audio, with only a minimal delay. In addition, bidders can bid real-time via the computer and mobile. To do this, you first have to register HERE.

You can also view the collections of Bolesworth Elite Auction (Thursday 14 June) and Bonheiden (Saturday 23 June) now. Collections with genetically very interesting foals that are closely related to top sport horses.

Collection Bolesworth Elite Auction (Thursday 14 June)
Collection Bonheiden (Saturday 23 June)